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The Center for Recertification and Professional Development, Inc. is an Illinois State School Board approved provider of CPDUs and CEUs to Illinois public school teachers.  Our focus is on internet based distance learning course work designed to be convenient and useful for classroom teachers.  

Course Offering – Professional Development Tutorials  

Our present offerings are Professional Development Tutorials, which are teacher designed independent studies completed under the guidance of The Center for Recertification and Professional Development.  The purpose of this series of independent projects is to allow the participants to gather, synthesize and organize materials relevant to State, District or Subject Area Goals into a form with direct classroom application. 

TCFR’s CPDU Procedure

Participants will not get credit for merely reading a book or other materials, but for shaping such reading and research into a form that would enhance their expertise and benefit their students.  Three or six CPDUs are available.  The applicant will choose a topic of personal professional development interest and design a 3 hour or 6 hour individual study course that fulfills an official goal of the State Board of Education, a district School Improvement PLAN goal, or a Subject Area goal.  Also, be sure your project fits your own Certificate Renewal Plan on file with your Local Professional Development Committee.

Applicants must fill out the Application Form stating the goal, title, project overview, materials, time frame, and what the final project will be.  Copy and paste and e-mail the completed Application Form to TCFR or print it out and send by surface mail.  Application  (See FAQ #10).

TCFR will review the proposed project and, if necessary, e-mail it back for modification. Upon successful review and approval of the proposed project, TCFR will notify the applicant. The applicant will then proceed with the project by completing the agreed upon course work, and filling out the Project Submission Form for approval by TCFR - usually within 3 - 5 working days. TCFR will bill the applicant by e-mail.  Payment is by PayPal, a secure internet bill payment service.  There is no additional service fee to the buyer, only the TCFR course fee.  Registration is free at www.paypal.com.  (See FAQ #9).

On completion of payment and when the project is approved, the applicant will be sent, by surface mail, the certificate of CPDU credit, indicating credit for either three or six units and an Illinois State Board of Education evaluation form to be returned to TCFR.

However, if the project is found to be unsatisfactory, applicants must complete the required revisions and resubmit their materials.  Be sure to allow time to process and if rejected to modify and resubmit.  Examples.

Dr. John F. Gills, Director.


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