Frequently Asked Questions

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1)                  What types of projects are suitable for Professional Development Tutorials?

The Professional Development Tutorials are designed to cover a broad range of projects from large scale curriculum or enrichment units to individual plans for very specific students or purposes.  The key for earning Continuing Professional Development Units is that the project must directly relate to at least one out of the following – the State Educational Goals; your school district’s School Improvement Goals; or your school’s Subject Area Goals.  If you are unsure if your project appropriately fulfills a goal, discuss the matter with your Local Professional Development Committee.

2)                  Should I just enter Professional Development Tutorials in the Planned Activities Purpose area of the Illinois State Board of Education Certificate Renewal Plan?

Yes.  The sections state, “I plan to use the following activities or types of activities to develop my knowledge and skills….”  The title fits this description.

3)                  Where do I find the required educational goals?

For the current State of Illinois Goals, visit

For District and Local Goals, consult with your School Improvement Committee or your Local Professional Development Committee.

4)                  Can I submit my work online?

Yes.  Actually that is the preferred format, but we recommend you send your work both in the body of your e-mail and as an attachment in case we run into program incompatibility problems.  However, since e-mail is not secure, we do not accept credit card information via e-mail.  Instead we will send you an invoice from  If you are not registered, simply visit the website for directions.

Of course, surface mail is always acceptable at:  TCFR, P.O. Box #593, Elmhurst IL, 60126-0593.

5)                  If I miss the deadline for submitting my materials, can I get an extension?

Yes.  Just submit a request for an extension including your name, address and project title.  

However, you will forfeit your fee if you don’t complete the work by the extension.

6)                  How will I receive my Evidence of Completion form?

The Evidence of Completion Form (ISBE 77-21) will be mailed to your home address as listed on your application.  It is your responsibility to fill out the Reflection Statement and submit the form to your Local Professional Development Committee as well as return an evaluation form to us.

7)                  Is there a limit to the number of CPDUs or CEUs I can earn from The Center for Recertification and Professional Development?

            No, but we recommend that you diversify your Continuing Professional Development whether through us or other sources of CPDUs or CEUs.

    8)         Is my tuition tax deductible?

            Yes.  Since earning CEUs and CPDUs is a requirement for maintaining your  teaching certificate, such expenses should be tax deductible.  However, for all tax  matters, consult a tax specialist or the Internal Revenue Service. .       

    9)        How do I pay?

             By credit card via PayPal.  When TCFR receives, processes and approves your completed project, you will be sent an e-mail invoice.  Click on the link in that e-mail and sign in at the website indicted.  Follow their instructions to securely pay by credit card.  There are no additional fees to you for either service.  Visit

  10)        What do I do if the page will not print out properly?

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