Application and Fees

Copy and paste this form into your e-mail progam.  Answer the questions and send the form to or print it out and send via surface mail.  However, you must have an e-mail account in order to be billed through PayPal.  To print, first click anywhere in the page and then print normally.  If it does not print properly, see FAQ #10.

P.O. Box #593
Elmhurst, IL 60126-0593

  Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Registration Schedule.  TCFR has open registration for your convenience.  However, project approval may take 3 5 working days.  Applicants may request one extension.  Evaluating and critiquing the final submissions may take 3 5 working days.

Basic Information  

Last Name                               First Name               Middle Initial


Home Address


Street                                                   City                              State                Zip


Home Telephone


Home E-mail


School Name                                                   District #


Street                                                   City                              State                Zip


Work Telephone


Work E-mail

Independent Project Information

1)                  What professional goal(s) will be fulfilled by this project?  At least one goal must  be fulfilled to earn CPDUs or CEUs.  It is your responsibility to structure your project so that it fulfills one local, state, or subject area goal in order to improve your professional teaching skills and satisfy your Local Professional Development Committee.  If you are uncertain about what these goals are, check state goals online at or consult with your Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) for district goals.  Examples.

A)    State Goals

i)  Which goal?


ii) How will your project fulfill this goal?


B)    District School Improvement Goals consult your local school improvement committee.

i)  Which goal?


ii) How will your project fulfill this goal?


C)    Subject Area Goals established department by department.

i)  Which goal?


ii) How will your project fulfill this goal?


2)                  Basic project overview.

A)    What is the working title for your project?



B)    What professional growth do you plan to accomplish with this project?



C)    How will this project help you as a teacher?


3)                  What specific materials books, periodicals, websites, interviews, et cetera, will you use as part of your study?




4)                  What schedule do you expect to follow to complete your study?  (Remember that there is only one extension allowed.)  Plan on 10 15 days for the approval process and any needed revisions.

Date to begin


Date to finish


Date to submit materials


5)                  What final project will you create?




3 clock hours of work for a 3 CPDU session            $45.00     _____

6 clock hours of work for a 6 CPDU session             $75.00    _____

You will be billed via e-mail from PayPal.  (See FAQ #9).   

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