Project Submission  Form

When you have completed your project you must submit the following– via e-mail to or by surface mail to TCFR, P.0. Box #593, Elmhurst, IL 60126-0593.  To print, first click anywhere in the page and then print normally.
If it does not print properly, see FAQ #10.

Please include:

1)                  A copy of this Submission and Approval Form.  

2)                  A time sheet discussing briefly what you did when.

3)                  A bibliography of the materials you used.

4)                  An outline or synopsis of your final project.

5)                  An estimate as to when you expect to use this project.

Last Name                               First Name               Middle Initial

Home Address

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Your submitted materials are –

 ____      Approved.  Please fill out and send/e-mail the State Evaluation Form to us.  Your Professional Development Units Certificate will be sent to your home address.

 ____      Returned for these revisions:


 ____       Rejected because of unsatisfactory revisions.  To appeal this decision, contact Dr. Gills at and put appeal in the subject line.


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