Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Based on ISBE Certificate Renewal Manual
Appendix F
ISBE Offices 1-866-CEU-CPDU  
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Approved Provider An entity that receives approval from the Illinois State Board of Education to offer professional development activities for which teachers may receive CPDU or CEU credits.

CEU Continuing Education Unit.  Credit for participation in approved activities that include some form of participation by those attending.  One CEU equals five clock hours of participation.

CPDU Continuing Professional Development Unit.  Credit for participation in approved activities.  One CPDU equals one clock hour of participation.  TCFR clients earn either 3 or 6 CPDUs depending on the project.

Evidence of Completion Documentation provided by an Approved Provider to be submitted to a Local Professional Development Committee with a written reflection statement by the teacher.  TCFR will provide such a document upon approved completion of a project.

ISBE Illinois State Board of Education.

LPDC Local Professional Development Committee that approves CPDU and CEU credits and is composed of three teachers, the superintendent or designee and one at large member selected by the district.

Part Time Teaching Less than 50% of the school day or school term.

SIP School Improvement Plan.  A proposal for meeting the academic needs of the students within a district.  The plan also provides guidance for continuing professional development.

TCFR The Center for Recertification and Professional Development, Inc.  An ISBE approved provider of CPDU and CEU credit.

STCB State Teacher Certification Board.  The STCB is responsible for the renewal of Standard and Master Teaching Certificates.